Undetectable to RDD's | Dual Radar Antenna | Faster response | Longer range | Remarkable accuracy | GPS database for fixed cameras | Automatically locks out of false alerts | Bluetooth Connectivity

Long-Range Radar/Laser Protection


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    RadarsOnline are the radar detector experts. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We only sell the best detectors from the best brand – Escort, the leaders in radar detector industry, winning more awards and tests than all competitors combined.
    Here at RadarsOnline, we pride ourselves on our service and support. All detectors we stock are designed for use in Australia, no grey market imports here. GPS database models all include the Australian camera database and all models are tuned for detection of police radar and laser used in Australia. All Escort products carry a 12 month replacement warranty. We ship Australia wide and can also assist in organising installation for custom install models.

Latest News

The Latest In Australian Speed Radar Detectors

Safety equipment comes in many forms. There’s a lot of safety equipment and technology that comes with your car like seat belts and air bags. However, have you considered how Australian speed radar detectors can make your drive safer? Keeping a portable radar/laser detector on your windshield can greatly improve your safety by keeping your speed in check. Driving at a safe speeds reduces your … [Read More...]