Beltronics V928i


A simple, budget radar and laser detector



The Beltronics V928i is the detector for those drivers that require exacting performance at an affordable price. It is designed specifically for peak performance on radar and laser speed cameras used in Australia and New Zealand. The V928i includes selectable band preferences (ON/OFF), expanded K band sweep, K Pulse detection, and Hyper K detection for low-power K band pulsed sources. Beltronics patented filtering provides the more accurate and longer warning of radar and laser threats. Laser detection and Safety Warning are standard features. It comes with travel case, customised soft touch finish and smart cord.


  • New antenna lens for 40% improved K/Ka sensitivity
  • Expanded K band scan to 23.95 GHz
  • Gold graphic treatment
  • Threat Display
  • Voltage Meter
  • 360 Degree Laser Detection
  • Red high-intensity LED text display
  • Auto Mute
  • Soft touch black anti-glare finish
  • Smartcord coiled power cord
  • AutoScan anti-falsing DSP filter
  • 4-Level Brightness Control
  • Digital Voice Alerts
  • Nylon travel case


Disclaimer: These devices are designed as safety warning systems to give the driver advanced warning of speed measuring devices and traffic hazards. Beltronics and its partners in no way condone speeding or dangerous driving. These devices do not guarantee that you will not be detected and issued an infringement if driving outside the law. Beltronics and its partners are in no way responsible for the use/misuse of these devices, and as a result, will never offer reimbursement of speeding infringements for any reason.
The use of the radar and laser detection features may be illegal in some states. Check applicable laws before using. Beltronics and its partners cannot be held liable for the illegal use of radar and laser detection features by an owner in jurisdictions where it is prohibited.


Operating Bands:

  • X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • K-band: 23.95 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Ku-band: 13.400 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth

Radar Receiver/Detector Type:

  • Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO
  • Scanning Frequency Discriminator
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Laser Detection:

  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
  • Multiple Laser Sensors

Display Type:

  • 280 LED Alphanumeric
  • 5 levels of brightness control including full Dark

Programmable Features:

  • Power-On Indication
  • Voice
  • Power-On Sequence
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • AutoMute™
  • City Mode Sensitivity

Power Requirement:

  • 12VDC, Negative Ground
  • Coiled SmartPlug™ with Mute Button

Sensitivity Control:

  • Highway
  • Auto Sensitivity
  • Auto NoX

Additional Patented Technology:

  • Auto Calibration Circuitry
  • Smartshield VG2 Immunity


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